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All you wanted to know about freelancing

Most people have the opinion that anyone working from home is a freelancer. It’s a partial truth. The complete truth is that a freelancer is an independent professional offering service to numerous clients without any obligation to any fixed employer. In other words, the professional will do the work, deliver on time, take responsibility of the job; but they are not obligated to any client and their services cannot be constrained to only one employer. The person is free to work with anyone they like and might be offering you varied services.

The above paragraph discussed about, ‘who is a freelancer and what is freelancing’. The next paragraph will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this job role.

Let’s begin with the advantages first:

Work flexibility

Work whenever you want and wherever you want. Work flexibility is something that makes free registration online form filling jobs desirable. Being an office employee one will never get the benefits of working at their own will and working at their own time. The freelancer just needs to make sure the services offered are of top-quality and the work is delivered.

More earnings

You want to earn handsomely, right. Then freelancing can be a choice. There are world-class employers who have big projects posted on online portals and are looking for the best professionals to come knocking. The office job will only leave you with a fixed pay, but the freelancing job can help you earn as much as you want, provided you have the skill and expertise to do so.

Freedom of choice

No wonder, freelancers are known as ‘independent contractors’. They are free and independent to do their work and also choose the freelance registration jobs online project they want to work upon. Nobody will or can force them or restrict them to do something that they don’t like. Being an office employee, you can never say ‘no’ to any work that comes your way!

There are only two disadvantages of freelancing and that is, unsteady workflow and competition to grab the best project. Well, that does not mean that you need to step back. Join an online portal and you will start getting regular work. Beat the completion with your impressive profile and smooth bidding strategies!


‘The first impression is the last impression’ – Impress the employer

When you venture out into the freelancing world, then it is important to remember that your ‘first impression will be your last impression’. Yes, good work will surely pay you well and generate good reviews and rating, but the first look at your portfolio will definitely have an impact on the employers. Your first talk and online chat will tell them a lot of things about your professionalism. Professionals who find freelance jobs online have encountered many employers who dismissed them without reason. Why? What went wrong?

Well, it might be that the first impression failed to create a mark and generate a positive feeling. So, what can you do to make the employer take notice and hire your services? Read on and get enlightened about the ways you can impress and get freelance projects online.

Use your vocabulary well

You need to use your words wisely while communicating. Be friendly and cordial. However, if you are not comfortable with the deal, please don’t avoid the client. Say, ‘no’ right-away. It is better appreciated and the employer will at least go back without any sort of negativity against you. Again, don’t be a people-pleaser and even if you have a lot of experience, don’t show your attitude and ego, ever!

Be prepared with the project details

If you are unprepared and know little about the project, don’t approach the client straightway. Prepare yourself with the project. Read the brief of the assignment, research on it and then start talking to the employer. If the employer understands that you are not well-prepared, then they might think you are not serious enough to handle such commitments.

Listen to the client

Instead of talking, you also should listen to what the employer has to say. Freelancers who listen are preferred and the employer might find you really easy to work with. If at any point, you wish to disagree, then just jot down the points and continue with the conversation, while waiting to pick up the doubt after the client finishes.

Be responsive

The best way to build trust in the virtual world would be to be instantly available to the employer. It is not possible to be online 24X7, so you can allot a fixed time to the client and make sure you are available for that particular period. If you are always available in your ‘working hours’ as a freelancer, then the client would start believing that you are a trusted and reliable folk.

So, now you know how to create a great first impression. Go ahead and start bidding!

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4 tips for staying motivated as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer has plenty of benefits. You are free to work at your own will; there are time flexibility and so many other things. However, if you lack self-discipline, then you might be in for trouble. Picking up bad habits is easy and you need to make sure such habits don’t creep in. Staying motivated and giving your best should always be the motto. To get freelance jobs online and shine as a professional in the outsourcing work, discipline is the most essential thing that is required.

Let’s check out top 4 tips that can help you stay motivated as a professional and reach the top of the game.

Create a routine

Yes, a routine is always helpful to help you stay focused and motivated. Regularised lifestyle will certainly help you stay disciplined, organised and enthused to start working at the start of the day. If you are not accustomed to a routine lifestyle, then give yourself a few days for discipline to crop in.

Plan out your day

It is important to schedule your time, set particular goals and stick to them, no matter what. However, making unrealistic goals would fail you. The best approach would be to plan your day wisely, giving yourself ample amount of time to concentrate on each task in hand.

Office setting needs to have a happy feel

Your home office needs to have bright and vibrant hues to generate a happy feel. If you are a professional trying to find freelance jobs online and working from home, just make sure your bedroom should never be your working place. Laziness and sleep might creep in, even before you notice.

Handle stress with regular breaks

Being your own boss can be quite stressful. Don’t let your nerves rule your mood. It is natural to get cranky. You don’t need a nap. You need to go out on short breaks and relax your mind. Unwind yourself by taking a walk, going to the gym, catching up with a friend. Success takes patience and stress won’t get you anything.

Being a freelancer, you can earn really well. Talent and skill are important, but without motivation and discipline, your expertise remains handicapped.


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How to attract the best freelancer

There are many employers who just cannot work with the best freelancers, whom they desire. No matter how much money they are willing to pay, the best ones slip out of their hands like sand. Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to hire a freelancer of your choice?

Well, there are plenty of job marketplaces for freelance work for you to hunt the best professional. However, in this post, we will give you some advice to hire the person who fits the bill and would give justice to your project.

The title of the project needs to draw attention

The title should be short and crisp but should be able to convey the core message about the project. If you are looking for a writer for a travel blog, then the title should be like ‘Travel Article Writer’. You might also include words like ‘experienced/proficient’ and so on. If the title draws attention, then half the battle is won. Your project is now going to be opened and read.

Clearly, state how much you will pay

If you are not clear about the pay structure, then top-rated professionals won’t give your project a second glance. With plenty of work in hand, the best freelancers are in no mood to bid and haggle for the price like an amateur. So, state the price you wish to pay per hour or per project, and at least you will have serious professionals dropping their bidding proposals.

Mention the deadline

If you need the project to be done in a hurry, then mention it. Many freelancers might think of contacting you immediately to get the work done. So, a quick turnaround time is not always a turn-off for the professional. It might actually fetch you a person who is idle and might need work immediately.

Project description should be clear and concise

The project description should be very clear, written in simple words and precise. This is the main thing. The professional should be able to understand what you are seeking. If you are saving the details for further correspondence, then the right applicant might back off due to misinterpreting the project. Thousands of projects are posted on online portals. To make your project stand out, provide necessary information and attach attachments that will help freelancers understand the job role well.

So, get on with your work and post your project on one of the job marketplaces for freelance work to hire the best professional.

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Meet deadlines and earn money online

When you are working from home and freelancing, it is very important to meet the deadlines. The employer will assign you the project and will certainly also assign a deadline with a stringent time limit to complete the assigned task. Many a time failing to deliver on time might be a costly mistake. Either the client might pay less or still worse the entire project might get cancelled with some bad online reviews. You certainly don’t want that happen to you, right? Well, here are some tips that will help you to meet the deadlines on time and earn money online without hassles and without breaking a sweat.

Plan and get moving:

Planning is very important to ensure you get work done in time. If you plan wisely, then you will certainly finish the task in hand bang on time. Along with planning, you also need to be true to your plan and follow it diligently. However, set realistic goals daily and make sure you complete everything on time.

Keep communication channels open 24X7 with the client:

Confusions and dilemmas can also delay the work. It is important to ensure communication is open 24X7 with the client. If, at times, the employer is unavailable, don’t fret and stop the work. Skip the particular ‘questionable area’ and continue with the other aspects of the task. As soon as you get the chance to communicate, clear the doubts and start working again. With this strategy, you don’t waste a single minute.

Take short breaks:

Short breaks can help one to revive and rejuvenate the mind. So, while you are working hard to complete a project, it is also important to take short breaks of about 10-15 minutes. The short breaks help one to unwind and de-stress, which again results in faster work pace and better productivity.

Keep some time in hand:

You should never keep working until the last minute. Employers always wish that the task is completed beforehand. Some might also start asking for project submission two or three days before the deadline. Won’t it be great to deliver the work before the deadline? Yes, it is possible! Proper planning and execution are required to make sure you have time in hand for reviewing your work and also submitting the work on time and maybe even before time.

There are plenty of online portals, which employers use to hire freelancers online. Have you registered yourself as a freelance professional to get lucrative projects? Check out SEOBloggers to know more!

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4 reasons why you should try freelancing

“I don’t have enough time to freelance” – This is the answer that most people might give you when asked about freelancing. Well, the problem is not about the time. After the rigorous 9 to 5 job, it becomes really tiring and tedious for the professional to sit on his desk again and start working like a robot. Many people are unaware that freelancing can actually be a boon in disguise and a blessing, which can turn your world round. Yes, you can get freelance jobs online that can benefit you in numerous ways.

Pursue your passion:

You might really love your job, but you might also not get enough time to pursue your passion. If you are working as an office assistant, but have a knack for photography, why not start freelancing as a photographer and pursue your passion. If work became something you love to do, then it doesn’t remain work anymore. Find freelance jobs online and start working for something you are passionate about. This will surely mark a new turning point in your life.

Extra money:

Earning a few extra bucks is not a bad thing after all. Who does not like extra money? Cash gives you the power of stability. Apart from the office job, extra cash flow can really increase the bank balance and make you self-sufficient enough to look for brighter avenues. “Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference” – said rightfully by Barack Obama.


When you start working as a freelancer, you also get to learn so much more! The employers who hire independent professionals want work that is high-quality and at par with global standards. Working with such top-notch clients will certainly empower self-development as a professional and enable you to learn more things in a short span of time.

Utilise your time right:

Last, but not the least. If you have free time, especially if you are a lonely night owl, then why not try moonlighting as a freelancer, instead of watching movies or playing games online (generally many do that). Not only will freelancing get you the money, but it will also help you to spend your time wisely and productively.

Well, the above reasons are quite logical to try out freelancing and give it a shot! If it suits you, your game is on. If not, then you can always take a step back.

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Freelancing might be easy, but it’s not a cakewalk!

Yes, many think that working as a freelancer is easy, but this is not the actual truth. Joining an online forum does not mean that jobs will start pouring in. You need to toil to get new projects. Yes, there are plenty of job marketplaces for freelance work, but there are also plenty of freelancers working hard to get noticed by top-notch employers. You need to make a mark and stand out to grab the best projects. It is difficult, but not impossible. There are just some things you need to bear in mind, before making a move in the outsourcing industry. Let’s get to know all of them, today!

There are no shortcuts:

Yes, there are no shortcuts to success, even if it is freelancing. You might be talented enough, but you need to build trust and make sure the client also believes in your potential to assign the project to you.

Your Word is your honour:

Each and every word you speak or write in your profile needs to be true. Word is honour and any kind of dishonesty will mark you and end your career then and there. So, don’t create a profile to impress clients with portfolios and work samples that are fake.

Patience is a virtue:

You register today at an online portal and expect to earn money online from the next day! Well, it’s like ‘living in a fool’s paradise’. No freelancer till date has bagged a project so early. They have been patient, pitched for the project and probably after a week or so, a good project stopped by. Finding a good project is time-consuming.

Honesty is the best policy:

Communication is everything and honesty is an integral part of communication. Be upfront with the client and you will be appreciated. Even if you don’t bag the particular project, in future the employer might come back to you when other options fail him. Say what you can do! It is criminal in the outsourcing world to over-promise and then under-deliver. Bad reviews can tarnish your reputation and nobody will believe you in future.

It is true that freelancing is not like the tedious 9-5 job, but it is definitely not a ‘cakewalk’. Freelancing is still working and hard work always pays well. If you are serious about getting into this industry, then register as a freelancer with SEOBloggers!

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Freelancing and social anxiety

Working from home can be really exciting and a rewarding experience, when you get to be your own boss. However, if you are too much consumed by the freelance registration jobs online, then you must be missing the big world ‘out there’! Are you missing hanging out with friends and acquaintances or are you actually comfortable sitting at home in your lonely home and sipping the cup of coffee? If you describe yourself as a ‘loner’ after taking up freelancing, then you might be suffering from ‘social anxiety’.

There is nothing wrong in enjoying time alone, but being a loner can create isolation. A man is a social animal. That does not mean you need to party hard, but having a social circle and regularly interacting with people is essential. Most professionals working for free registration online form filling jobs are introverts, but when this nature start affecting your social skills and you feel yourself uncomfortable in a crowd, then it might be ‘social anxiety’.

Let’s see how freelancers can avoid such behavioural disorders from affecting them:

Start networking and collaborating projects:

Working as a freelancer leaves you with little or no time for social activities, right? Well, you can then try bidding for a big project and start working on it. Get help from friends and ex-colleagues if that’s required. By networking and collaborating on projects you get to interact with people often. It does not only help with the mental equilibrium but with face-to-face interaction, your social skills get boosted and at the same time, the freelancing work also gets done in time.

Temporarily rent a co-working place:

You can still continue with your freelancing activities and take a desk for rent at any communal workplace. Here, you can meet up with other soloprenuers and like-minded individuals with whom you can build friendships or probably a long-standing professional partnership. This strategy is a very effective way to ward off social anxiety, while at the same time you can carry on with your regular freelancing job role.

It is true that freelancing is a haven for introverts, but without social interaction, life will not seem to be normal anymore. Spending time alone is a joy, but with 2 or 3 friends to share your woes and joys can be definitely a source of respite!

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Millennials and freelancing

Millennials are the Generation Y guys. The young adults are definitely a hot topic of discussion. They are energetic and always trying something new and innovative. Yes, these youngsters are well-known for taking their weird selfies but does that matter if they are brimming with talent. However, it is difficult to get the young force to work for you in that boring office job. Most Millennials want to enjoy life, earn handsomely and be free spirited. However, there are some lucky employees who feel blessed to hire these young adults. Why? Well, they do great work and there are quite affordable. Yup! Millennials are open to freelancing and can certainly create a roar in the outsourcing world if they use their talent smartly.

They are tech-savvy

A technologically sound staff can certainly prove to be beneficial for the company, compared to the staffs who find tech things confusing. Technology is here to stay and with the young adults being so tech-savvy hiring them can actually be a blessing for your organisation. Since the young brigade grew up in the age of technology, tech is in their blood and, therefore, hiring them can be a boon for you. Hire freelancers online who are in love with technology and things will certainly brighten up for your company.

They are your extended workforce

Millennials are the future of your company’s workforce. If it is true that these guys do not like the boring 9-5 job, but it is also true that the same group of young people needs money to live and are always on the lookout to get freelance jobs online. These freelancers are the extended workforce of your organisation and definitely serve you silently to make the company reach newer heights of success and prosperity. They are not on-site employees and are far more affordable, which means you only need to pay for the work only, with no extra charges related to employee engagement, office space and so on.

They are unconventional

Conventionally is safe, but boring. People who follow the conventional ways are seldom remembered. Sometimes to build your brand and make your business look better and different from the competitors, taking the unconventional path might help. Dare to break the mould and you never know the new ideas can give your business the start that it needed for years. Nevertheless, your farsightedness also matters before you start embracing the quirky ideas of the Millennials.

What are you waiting for? Embrace Generation Y and start working with them today. Talented, skilled, educated – they are the gems of the outsourcing world.

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5 reasons why you should hire freelancers from SEOBloggers!

Yes, it is true that there are plenty of job marketplaces for freelance work, but not every place is ideal. Professionals ditch their jobs and start freelancing with their respective clients. Similarly, employers are also on the lookout for competent independent contractors. However, both freelancers and employers are unable to find the right match. Job portals give you the opportunity to find the right professional but are that enough. You must be thinking how SEOBloggers is different from the rest. Well, read on and get enlightened.

Free registration

You can register for free as an employer and post your project online. Similarly, freelancers who are interested to earn money online can also register for free. This is a limited period offer and is attracting the outsourcing crowd in great numbers. Don’t be left behind, join the gang and be a part of the freelancing revolution.

Online chats available

Without communication, it is not possible for the employers to hire freelancers. SEOBloggers have an online chatting system and via that tool, one can get to chat with the different professional at the same time. With the improved system of communication, the employers find it easier to find the right candidate fit for the project.

Plenty of choices

It is difficult to find professionals of calibre under one roof. There are plenty of online portals, but joining every portal is not conducive. Who has so much time? SEOBloggers have the hand-picked quality workforce who are talented, skilled and experienced and moreover wish to make a mark with their expertise in the freelancing world. With many freelancers under one roof, a person has plenty of choices to hire the best professional for the project.

Escrow payment

Do you need to pay the freelancer immediately after work submission? Well, not anymore! First review and then pay via escrow! Only if the employer gives a green signal will escrow release the payment that will reach the freelancer on-time. If the client is not satisfied with the work or wants it redone, then escrow will stall the pay. Therefore, high-quality work is assured with the escrow mode of payment.

Resolving conflicts

When two parties work together, then there are bound to be disagreements and conflicts. How do you deal with the situation? It is not advisable to leave a good professional for a small dispute. That’s the time when you can come to SEOBloggers and let us handle the matter professionally and as a third party. We would analyse the situation neutrally and solve the problem amiably for both the parties.