Managing freelancers and getting the best out of them

Working with a freelancer can be highly beneficial for your business. You and your team get time to focus on other aspects, while the professional does all the work for you. However, the independent contractor you hired via an online portal is not your regular office employee. Managing the contractor can be a daunting task, but there is no other way out. You need to manage and make sure that the work that is done is of high-quality and always on-time.

Let’s have a look how to enrich your professional relationship with the freelancer or the ‘independent contractor’ to get the maximum amount of work done, on time!

Be choosy when hiring

When you hire a freelancer, be very picky and choosy. It will take time but will be worth all the pain and effort. Posting the project online takes minutes, but hiring the right person is something that you need to think about. The freelancer must be on the same page as you, not only for the project but also the work ethics should match up. If the person seems to be a misfit, then it will actually build more pressure on your team. Hire wisely, to work smoothly!

Nurture the relationship

Most employers think that freelancers do not need any nurturing. Once you hire them and pay at regular intervals for the assignments, the job is going to get done. Well, it is true, but independent contractors have the power to choose whom they want to work for and whom they want to avoid working with. You need to make sure their loyalty stays with you. That’s the reason why it is important to build a good rapport and treat them like an integral part of your working team.

Give them space

Most freelancers quit their office jobs; get registered on online freelancing portals to get freelance jobs online as they wished for more independence. It would not be wise if you continuously pester them and ask for work updates. You might knock once or twice, but being at the back of the contractor would do more harm than good.

Feedback is important

If the work is not good, get it redone! If you like it, say it. Feedbacks do matter for freelancers. You may have already rated them well and also given a good review, but to cultivate the person and make the independent contractor work for you in the long haul, feedback can work as a great motivating factor.

Lastly, it is important to be a little more diplomatic and handle freelancers wisely. They are independent contractors, not your regular on-site employees.



Job marketplaces for freelance work

How to attract the best freelancer

There are many employers who just cannot work with the best freelancers, whom they desire. No matter how much money they are willing to pay, the best ones slip out of their hands like sand. Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to hire a freelancer of your choice?

Well, there are plenty of job marketplaces for freelance work for you to hunt the best professional. However, in this post, we will give you some advice to hire the person who fits the bill and would give justice to your project.

The title of the project needs to draw attention

The title should be short and crisp but should be able to convey the core message about the project. If you are looking for a writer for a travel blog, then the title should be like ‘Travel Article Writer’. You might also include words like ‘experienced/proficient’ and so on. If the title draws attention, then half the battle is won. Your project is now going to be opened and read.

Clearly, state how much you will pay

If you are not clear about the pay structure, then top-rated professionals won’t give your project a second glance. With plenty of work in hand, the best freelancers are in no mood to bid and haggle for the price like an amateur. So, state the price you wish to pay per hour or per project, and at least you will have serious professionals dropping their bidding proposals.

Mention the deadline

If you need the project to be done in a hurry, then mention it. Many freelancers might think of contacting you immediately to get the work done. So, a quick turnaround time is not always a turn-off for the professional. It might actually fetch you a person who is idle and might need work immediately.

Project description should be clear and concise

The project description should be very clear, written in simple words and precise. This is the main thing. The professional should be able to understand what you are seeking. If you are saving the details for further correspondence, then the right applicant might back off due to misinterpreting the project. Thousands of projects are posted on online portals. To make your project stand out, provide necessary information and attach attachments that will help freelancers understand the job role well.

So, get on with your work and post your project on one of the job marketplaces for freelance work to hire the best professional.

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Know how to bid on big projects

Getting to work in small projects might be getting you the money, but a big project can get you money with experience and expertise. Many freelancers are afraid or sometimes unable to pitch for big budget assignments. Are you one of them? No matter how much one tries the client is either too hard to impress or the freelancer is too insecure himself to pursue the employer. Whatever might be the cause, one must bid on the big ones. Want to move ahead with the idea? Then, read on:

Go through the brief of the project:

If you get a high-value assignment, then it is important to go through the brief minutely and very carefully. Some employers attach attachments to ensure the professionals understand the project well enough. You need to open the attachments and go through the entire information provided in detail. The brief is written to understand. So, before placing a bid, think minutely and then make preparations for the proposal. This strategy will fetch you the project and you earn money online, which is definitely a big sum!

Ask questions to yourself:

Before you have questions for the employer, make sure you have understood the assignment. What does the client want? Have you done something like this earlier and can you really get the work done in time and without errors? If you are on the same page with the client and think you are fit for the job, then go ahead and ask questions and clear the doubts that confuse you.

A personalised bid works wonders:

Employers who hire freelancers online are tired of getting generic bids from professionals. Stand out from the rest by creating a personalised proposal for bidding. This is the most effective way to get noticed. The bid should be short, precise and professional. You can show samples of your work and also say how it is related to the project and so on. Make sure you also state the estimated price quote and the time frame.

Yes, that’s all. It is that simple. Bidding on big projects and grabbing them successfully is not a big thing. Employers look for talent, stability and sincerity. If you can assure them that, then the game is on and there is just no looking back!

Hire a freelancer

Hire skilled workforce – Hire a Freelancer

You might be thinking that it is great to hire a man who has knowledge about everything. But this ‘Jack of all trades’ is actually ‘a master of none’. The person might have the knowledge, but that does not mean that he/she is skilled and specialised in that arena. If you want ‘good and quality work’, then this “Jack” employee will not do. Instead, hire a freelancer who is specialised in a certain job role and would get you quality work. Working with specialised professionals assures quality and will be highly beneficial for you in the long run.

Specialisation adds value:

If someone has the knowledge or in-born talent, then that’s great! However, the specialised group of professionals are a ‘cut above the rest’. They add value to the project and create something more different, amazingly unique and something that is ‘out-of-the-box’. No wonder, people are looking for specialised professionals at the job marketplaces for freelance work.

The focus is important for excellence:

To make your business grow and thrive, one needs to have the focus and zeal to try something different and unique. The project or work needs attention and also requires being handled with utmost care. That’s the reason why employers choose freelancers. These people have ample amount of experience and can deliver the best results on the table. With focus and the zeal to excel there is no looking back.

Specialised services are cheap – Pay as you go:

Yes, you might be thinking that hiring a specialised freelancer is an expensive affair. Well, not really. You will find plenty of talent waiting for your project at SEOBloggers. Unlike on-site employees, you don’t need to pay freelancers a monthly wage. Pay them per hour or per project or else, you might join forces and opt for ‘pay as you go’. Yes, as the professional work for you and reaches work milestone you pay them via escrow services. After payment, work continues until the next milestone is reached, which again ensures another payment.

Go for an extended workforce. Hire skilled professionals. Hire a freelancer from SEOBloggers!

The benefits of working with a ‘virtual employee’ (freelancer)

The term, ‘virtual employee’ means a freelancer. Such a kind of professional will not come to your office but will work for your organisation like any other sincere full-time employee. However, hiring a freelancer is far more beneficial than you think. Let’s have a look and check out the benefits of hiring a ‘virtual employee’.

Flexible timings:

If you need to consult some business negotiation with your manager in the middle of the night, they might not be available. Such is not the case with a freelancer. Hire a freelancer for advising you or even assign a task at midnight and you will certainly get a response within a few hours. These virtual professionals are always on their toes and make sure they are available to you at odd hours. Don’t get us wrong, they don’t work 24X7, but yes, you might get help at odd hours, which is a great fallback option.

Swift delivery:

Assign a deadline for the work and it would be completed in a jiffy. Freelancers work per hour or per project and they make sure that the work does not linger on. These professionals are always on the lookout to get freelance jobs online and therefore waste no time. So, if you are looking for people who would accomplish the task perfectly yet swiftly, then hire a ‘virtual employee’ is truly a good idea.

Specialised experts:

“Jack of all trades and master of none” – You will find plenty of office goers who have knowledge about all professional fields, but their awareness is not enough. Only a few on-site employees are really good in any arena of work, the majority are just amateurs. Freelancers are not born geniuses, but yes, they are certainly talented and specialised in their respective professional fields. Who will not like to work with an expert? No doubt, the importance of a ‘virtual professional’ is a notch higher.

More innovative:

Working with a lot of people makes the independent professional at par with the global standards of work. They are definitely more innovative, creative and talented. With an open mind and readiness to learn they welcome new ideas, which give their brilliance and added the spark. Working with such talented and skilled individuals can really be profitable for your organisation.

There are plenty of freelancers all over the world and among them, you need to make sure to hire the person who would suit your needs and fit in with your requirements. Each employer has specific demands and needs based on which they pick and choose their preferred professional.

Freelancer VS full-time employees: The battle continues

It is a Herculean task to run a business. There are plenty of stress and strain that will drive you crazy at times. Well, at this point you must have thought that an extra pair of hands can be helpful to get all the work done without such a mess. So, do you again need to conduct interviews and get a new employee in office? No, all that is not required at all! A freelancer is a better alternative to bank upon. Yes, this is the actual discussion in this article, about whether you need to rely on your current employees or hire a freelancer online to get the work done. Let’s have a look at the arguments and then come to a decisive conclusion.

Freelancer Full – time employee
·         No training required ·         Training at the expense of the company
·         Contractual job ·         Steady income and benefits all year round
·         More open to innovative ideas ·         New ideas are seldom implemented
·         No promotions or increments are required ·         Need promotions and increments
·         Ready to take up more work ·         Just follows routine work
·         Direct interaction with the employer ·         Minimal interaction with the employer
·         Flexible working hours ·         Fixed work schedules
·         No time for gossip and politics ·         Might indulge in fruitless gossip and office politics
·         Always on toes to get the next assignment ·         Professionally more relaxed working within an organisation

Here, we have discussed the things which the freelance professional has to offer and also what the employee might be ready to do for you. It is a wrong notion that freelancers are unstable and does not promise any permanence. If you really feel the need to hire freelancers online who would be interested in your projects for the long haul, then check out our online portal SEOBloggers and you will certainly find a suitable person. Plenty of professionals post their resume and portfolio online to get noticed by employers who would hire their services. With the escrow payment structure you can be assured of quality services and only then would the pay be released.

Nevertheless, it is important that before hiring a professional or employing someone, you need to understand the need and requirement of your organisation and then take the call.